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A Comprehensive Framework for Teaching and Learning at Memorial University

On May 10, 2011 the Senate of Memorial University unanimously endorsed a Teaching and Learning Framework.

At Memorial University we want to attract 21st century explorers - students who are willing to pass by many other institutions on their way to a place that offers unique experiences, opportunities and challenges. We want to help our students find their way to become confident adventurers and independent thinkers, and who are curious and self-directed. We want to inspire them to become leaders who help push the boundaries of a multitude of disciplines and professions. We want undergraduate and graduate students who are eager to use their creativity and ingenuity to make a difference.

We hope all educators will plan their lessons while looking through the Teaching and Learning Community lens, to create an experience that includes engagement, support, and that is committed to discovery, outcomes-oriented, inclusive and responsive.

The university fulfills this mission through the teaching and learning enterprise, through research, scholarship and creative activity and through the engagement of our educators, students and staff with the community at large.

Memorial University is in the process of completing a Research Framework that notes that teaching and learning and research are complementary activities. Furthermore, the university is also in the process of developing an Engagement Framework - a guide to document the university's engagement activities relating to students, staff and faculty who may engage with external partners through research, teaching & learning, and/or service & outreach.

The development of a Teaching and Learning Framework for the university helps to ensure that this complementarity is preserved and enhanced.

To establish the framework, a series of consultation sessions and focus groups were held with faculty, students, and staff across all three campuses: Corner Brook, St. John's, and the Marine Institute. Feedback obtained from individuals and groups, in addition to the input received from the working group, advisory groups, and steering committee helped to inform the development of the final document. A complete background and summary of consultation reports can be found here.

Please check back with this site for frequent updates on Memorial's Teaching and Learning Framework.

The full document can be found at:

A Comprehensive Framework for Teaching and Learning at Memorial University

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