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Stream III - Technology and the Learning Environment

This professional development series will explore the use of technology by post-secondary instructors and its impact on the learning environment. The series will use a variety of modes of delivery: online, blended, self-paced and face-to-face, to allow participants to explore themes related to teaching with technology including: technologies for blended learning, information literacy, teaching large classes with technology, teacher presence and e-Learning, and using technological tools to enhance student engagement. This unifying focus will give instructors a clear understanding of the effects of technological integration in the classroom as a means of enhancing student learning.

After completing the learning experiences in this stream participants should be able to:

  1. Outline the principles of technology assisted teaching and blended models of learning
  2. Describe how technology can enhance student engagement and learning
  3. Define technological literacy and describe its role in enhancing teacher-student dialogue
  4. Integrating technology with student-centered approaches of teaching and learning
  5. Describe student perspectives on technology as a tool for promoting student-teacher engagement

To register or for information about the experiences in Stream III contact Jennifer Moran at indicating your name, department, telephone number, Desire2Learn user name, a Memorial email address, your affiliation with the university, and the professional development experience for which you would like to register and/or make enquiries.

Experience III

Title: So, you’re teaching your first online course…

Beginning to teach online can be a challenging and sometimes intimidating experience. However, online teaching also offers many powerful tools for orchestrating learning experiences in higher education. Faculty and sessional instructors often are expected to teach online courses without specific training.

This professional development experience will focus on the skills and knowledge needed to facilitate online sessions for the beginning online instructor.

Specific topics include:

  • facilitating online discussions in an engaging manner
  • organizing and creating discussion topics
  • creating news items and utilizing communication tools in Desire2Learn
  • creating content knowledge online
  • effectively integrating online media and resources
  • promoting student engagement in online environments
Facilitators: Colleen Collett and John Hoben, DELTS
Date: February 3 to February 17, 2014
Session Mode: Facilitated online experience

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