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Teaching Consultation

The Centre for Innovation in Teaching and Learning (CITL) offers private and group consultative support for teaching and learning at three levels: individual instructors, academic units, and institutional.

Individual Instructor

All faculty members, sessional instructors, lecturers, graduate students, and other professional teaching staff, whether they teaching on-campus or online, are invited to participate in the programs, events, and services that are made available through CITL. We offer an array of workshops and seminars for individual participation. The topics for the workshops are identified for their current relevance and are often developed at the request of past participants.

We can assist individuals involved in teaching or teaching-related activities to identify their teaching questions or challenges, and explore strategies to address those issues. Consultations may range from a single discussion to a series of ongoing meetings.

CITL also works with individuals who wish to develop their teaching dossiers or to apply for teaching awards.

For additional information on private individual consultation, contact us by calling 864-3028 or 864-7697.

Academic Unit

CITL helps design and facilitate processes for teaching-related development at the academic unit level. If appropriate, we will design and deliver customized workshops to address particular needs. For many new initiatives, we can offer assistance in the areas of facilitation, training, curriculum development, instructional design, and project management. We can also design, deliver, and analyze student exit surveys and work with academic units on the development and implementation of action plans related to teaching. We can also work with smaller cohorts within a unit, for example, laboratory staff or course development teams, to enhance teaching and learning.

For additional information, academic unit leaders may contact us by calling 864-3028 or 864-7697.


At the institutional level, representatives of CITL participate in several pan-university committees, including Strategic Planning for Teaching and Learning. We endeavor to provide support, advice, and leadership to academic units, both at the departmental and decanal levels as well as to other senior administrators in setting policies and practices related to the enhancement of teaching and learning.

List of committees with CITL representation.