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Introducing: Online proctoring for online courses

Memorial is excited to introduce a new online proctoring service for examinations in online courses. Online proctoring provides students with the ability to write their exam and be supervised entirely online.



Exploring the world's oceans without getting wet

Dr. Annie Mercier worked with DELTS to develop the first course for Department of Ocean Sciences with an online component.

For Memorial’s Dr. Annie Mercier, it is hard to pinpoint exactly when her fascination with the ocean began. As a little girl she would visit the beach, and while other children played she found herself examining tide pools for marine life.



Roll off the tongue

Dr. Anne Thareau displays videos created to help students with French pronunciation.

Dr. Anne Thareau, head of the department of French and Spanish at Memorial University, recalls a time when she taught French phonetics using cassette tapes and, later, computer-assisted learning devices and DVDs. Now, with Internet and online tools readily available, she has ventured into more novel territory.


New checklist for students

A new checklist has been developed to assist students taking online courses with setting up examinations.


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Dreaming of advancing your education but intimidated by visions of time restrictions and a complicated admissions process? Fear no more. Exploring options and figuring out how education can fit into your life is what online learning at Memorial is all about.

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