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Examination Supervisor Form

Please Note: This form will not be available for the 2015 spring semester until early April.

If your course has examinations, you must:

  1. Recommend an examination supervisor by completing an Examination Supervisor Form. This form MUST be completed each semester by all students writing exams outside of Newfoundland and Labrador, even if you have taken a distance education course in a previous semester.

  2. The deadline for submitting this form is the end of the first week of lectures. Forms received after this date will be processed as time and resources permit. Late submission of forms will not be considered grounds for approval of deferred exams.

  3. Ensure you provide a current distance education (DE) address within Memorial Self Service.

If you currently live outside Newfoundland and Labrador and have not updated your distance education address by the first day of classes, both the Examination Supervisor form AND Change of Exam Site form must be completed.

If you live within 80 kilometres of one of the established exam centres listed on Section 1 of this form, please select the appropriate centre and submit form. An Examination Supervisor will be assigned to you.

If you do not live within 80 kilometres of one of the established exam centres listed, you MUST contact an appropriate individual to set up a location for writing your exam(s). In this case, choose OTHER from the list of established sites and submit form. You will automatically be prompted to complete Section 2.

Term examinations MUST be written on the weekend as scheduled (between Friday and Monday inclusive). Final examinations scheduled for weekdays MUST be written on the assigned date. Please refer to your course materials or the course website for the week numbers in which your exams will be held. The distance exam schedule will be displayed on Memorial Self Service under the Distance Education menu, View Distance Exam Schedule.

Please note that we no longer send exam notifications in the mail. Students are required to check the Memorial Self-Service, Distance Education section periodically throughout the semester for scheduled midterms/tests and final examinations.

Who may supervise your exam?

An examination supervisor MUST be affiliated with an educational institution in either an administrative or academic role. Local schools, colleges, and universities may be able to provide this service. To avoid the possibility of conflict of interest issues, friends, relatives, current Memorial University students, neighbours, co-workers (including immediate supervisors) or persons residing at the same residence will not be accepted as examination supervisors.

Memorial University reserves the right to turn down any examination supervisors it deems inappropriate.

Who pays the examination supervisor?

 I agree with the following statement. (Please read the following carefully)

Memorial University pays your examination supervisor $15 Canadian per hour of examination time. The University will also reimburse examination supervisors for charges incurred in shipping exams. Any additional hourly charges (above $15 per hour) as well as all other costs, including charges for room rentals are the responsibility of students and must be paid directly to the examination supervisor.

Memorial University will not reimburse students for any charges assessed by invigilators. We are only able to use invigilators who agree to direct bill Memorial University.

If you require additional information concerning the supervision of your examinations, please contact us - by phone: toll free at 1-866-435-1396 (within Canada or the US), (709) 864-8700 (outside Canada/US) or complete the On-Line Help Desk form.

Section 1

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To comply with Memorial's single email policy, DELTS uses @mun email addresses to communicate with students whenever possible. Please check your @mun email address regularly to ensure you receive all important communication from our department. We encourage you to use your @mun email address when completing this form.

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Exam Site
Choose from the list of established centres. An established centre is one that has an exam supervisor available to supervise exams.


"Memorial University protects your privacy and maintains the confidentiality of your personal information. The information requested in this form is collected under the authority of the Memorial University Act (RSNL 1990 Chapter M-7) and is used for the purposes of academic and student services administration. Questions about the collection and use of this information may be directed to the Services Coordinator at 709-864-3532."