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Last Updated: May. 9, 2014

Teaching and Learning to Solve Mathematics Problems

Format: World Wide Web

The course is designed to : (1) offer students an opportunity to examine mathematics from a problem-focused perspective through readings and reflections; (2) enhance one`s own mathematical abilities and knowledge base through consideration of familiar material in unfamiliar contexts such as mathematical games and puzzles, connections between topics at various levels, and exposure to a variety of lesser known (but enjoyable) mathematical ideas; (3) provide insight into mathematical thinking through the solving of problems and attention to the processes employed by others;(4) engage students in an investigative process that will more closely resemble what "doing mathematics" is about; and (5) use this experience as a springboard for the consideration of teaching and learning practices in our own contexts.

Prerequisite(s): This course is offered to all current Masters of Education students (as well as others who have satisfied admission requirements). An effort has been made to make this course accessible to people with varying mathematical backgrounds. The course is suitable for teachers at all levels from primary/elelmentary to post secondary.

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