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Last Updated: May. 9, 2014

Interprofessional Education in the Health Professions

Format: World Wide Web

The main theme of this course will be "from theory to practice. " Learning will be facilitated through a combination of collaborative and self-directed learning methods. Participants will first be introduced to the literature and general research concepts underlying effective interdisciplinary teamwork practices in health care settings. These concepts will then be tied to educational practice and the implications for preparing health professionals and health professional students for their roles in interprofessional and interdisciplinary teams. Participants will review and explore research literature pertaining to methods and principles of designing and evaluating interprofessional education in undergraduate, postgraduate and continuing health professional education models. As a community of learners, participants will be exploring such questions as the rationale and purpose for interprofessional education; what are the methods and practices which have proven most effective for facilitating interprofessional education; how can interprofessional education be integrated into traditional health professional education curriculum; what are the challenges and barriers to introducing and facilitating interprofessional education; how can the effectiveness of interprofessional education be evaluated in our institutions and in the health care setting? Prerequsite(s): Admission to graduate diploma programme (Health Professional Education)

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