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Last Updated: May. 9, 2014

Mathematics Skills Programme (102F, 103F, 104F)

Format: Correspondence

Non-credit courses (102F, 103F, 104F) are intended for those students who either have a weak background in mathematics or are returning to the subject after some years. The program enables students to master mathematical operations such as those involving whole numbers, fractions, decimals, percents, integers, exponents, linear equations, algebraic and rational expressions, formulas, graphs, systems of linear equations, basic trigonometry, exponents and radicals, and quadratics. Note: To register for Math 102F, 103F or 104F by correspondence, students should contact the Math Learning Centre, Email: or Telephone: (709) 737-3308.

The manual for this correspondence course is available exclusively on the course web site; internet access is required.

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