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Call for proposals: 2016 AAU Teaching Showcase

The Association of Atlantic Universities (AAU) is calling for submissions for its 2016 Teaching Showcase, held this year on Oct. 15, at the University of New Brunswick in St. John. 



From the Gazette

Wind in their sails

A community-based final project provided both inspiration and an opportunity to apply technical concepts they learned in class, say some recent Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science graduates. Real-life challenge All mechanical engineering students are required to complete a final project. While there are a broad range of choices available, including both theoretical and applied projects, Sara King, […]

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A healthier tomorrow

Third-year medicine student Desmond Whalen remembers very well the day he received his acceptance letter to medical school. “I was tutoring at the local high school in Little Hearts Ease when the secretary called me to the office and said, ‘Your mom called. You need to go home. The mail came,'” he recalled. “I raced […]

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Making sense of the present

If you want to understand the way the world works now—from the rise of activist groups such as Black Lives Matter to the ramifications of Brexit—studying history is a good bet. Sarah Hannon, a history undergraduate student who plans to pursue graduate studies after she completes her BA, says she realized studying history is not […]

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